Why Should I Contribute?

The Audio Asylum is a free, independent resource made available to you by a small volunteer group of audio lunatics. However, computer resources and network connections do cost money, lots of it!

1) Protect yourself from graphic ad abuse - We don't want to have banner ads paying for this site. Your contributions are critical to keeping the site banner free.

2) Help pay for an ever improving site - Computer resources and connections are expensive. We've upgraded servers, added additional servers and improved performance a lot. With your generous contributions, we can continue to improve the Asylum.

3) Membership has its privileges!

4) Four ways to contribute Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!

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Membership Level Amount
Fully Lobotomized $5,000
Frontal Lobotomy $1,000
Straight Jacket Club $500
Certifiable Loon $250
Inpatient $100
Outpatient $50
Undiagnosed $25